Corporate gift

Corporate gifts are an important tool in the marketing communication mix. In the corporate world, gift giving can be a double-edge sword. If used properly, they provide the company with a valuable means of strengthening relationships with its key customers and employees, creating goodwill, fostering new relationships and promoting the company’s business. A properly timed and appropriate gift is one of the best ways of conveying the important message that a relationship matters. Gift giving is a complicated business and can itself be a form of art as shown by numerous rules, tips and guidelines offered in the literature .

Although gifts and incentives are generally perceived as a sales promotion tool they should be used as an integral part of the marketing communication mix to synergise and support other promotion activities. Verbal communication is soon forgotten but gifts with your company’s logo on them 1 form a reminder of your company, which may tip a business decision in your favour. As companies become increasingly aware of the importance of developing and maintaining long-term relationships with their customers, corporate gifts can help motivate those who sell and build relationships with important customers.



A corporate gift can be anything from stationary to an all-inclusive Caribbean holiday for two. The type of gifts used is limited only by the imagination.

I dentifies a distinct difference between corporate gifts and incentives. A gift is given as a corporate gesture in recognition of business conducted or as part of business to business promotion while incentives are products or schemes perceived to be of relatively high value and typically used to reward staff or long standing business customers.

Companies that wish to purchase corporate gifts and incentives can choose.